Thursday, 25 August 2011

I have bedroom ideas

This bedroom has gorgeous bright and cheerful colours, many patterns and the blanket which is quilted is gorgeous. This room has a supreme elegance about it the simple colour pop and everything works well together.

I have decided on a turqouise colour scheme OR duck-egg blue.. Therefore, I haven't decided at all. 

The first thing that catch your eye in this bedroom is the beautiful cover on the bed and the box chair, maybe I need to invest in a beautiful bedspread and work my bedroom around that?

Lights, those beautiful white lights are something I'm going to have to include in my bedroomm. They're all over tumblr and are all the rage right now. People are getting down their christmas lights for this! The bookshelf-turned-chair adorned with pillows is a stunning idea and the beautiful colours work perfectly.

This is a more duck-egg blue that Leyla suggested I get, I love the different patterns that are just like choco late cake for your eyes, just yummy to look at.

This is the bedroom of a traveller right here, if only I was a traveller. I would love to finally set foot on a plane stepping into a world of adventure. The duck-egg blue strikes as a simplistic beauty that I cannot take my eyes off of.

This is just an amazing bunch of beautiful patterns, though it seems much, it all matches in one colour or another, The ivory bedframe adds a vintage detail to it as well as the fireplace and small window. The pillows look so detailed.

An excellent idea for a desk, and that desk can wheel out as well, it's gorgeous, everything you need right at your fingertips!

Hey guys, here's the lowdown, I moved rooms recently last year which I'm gutted about but I have my own valid reasons for and I got moved up into my mum and dads old room. I've made it quite spacious however it's need Rozzie-fying. I mean the walls are orange and yellow.. Yeah, I know. I want a complete bedroom makeover so I took to Tumblr for inspiration as well as google images, I typed in: Bohemian Bedrooms. And these results came up. At first I typed in: aria montegomery bedroom. For those of you that do not know what I'm talking about, she's from the show Pretty Little Liars and I think her bedroom on the show is gorgeous and I'd love to echo that because I know it's kind of my style. Recently I've moved all of my stuff from the bedroom downstairs to up here so I'm now ready to revamp. These photos will be my inspiration.

Overall, if there's one recurring theme in these pictures, it's the colour turqouise, lights and loads of colourful PATTERN.