Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Hey, soo we were reunited with eachother and we decided to go to Hastings, this was ages ago so I hope I remember it. I distinctly remember this being the time  that Leyla was really into Tumblr and we wanted to take loads of artsy photos because we're cool like that. We also took many a picture of ourselves hehe LOL because thats what best friends do! we should have done an ootd because her outfit was so CUTE! ANYWAY its all smiles over here! Want to check out our Tumblr attempts?

Leylas very cute boots!

We found an uneaten strawberry on the beach and decided to photograph it :)

because the wispy clouds and sunlight was beautiful.

This is top tumblr stuff right here! It makes you think.. is it filled with stones..or not?

Artsy peice of work this is!

Its rotated the wrong way but can you see that rainbow!


I love this photo but I look like a camel!

We found this pretty one up the west hill. We journeyed there because we're cool.



Eyeing us up?!

The view from up here is really great.

So here is our Hastings outing, I'm not sure about the date but we had loads of fun :)



  1. Heyy your blog is beautiful as you and all your pics are very good,

  2. Thankyou so much glad you enjoyed it,
    love Rozzie and Leyla