Saturday, 15 January 2011

To not C or to now C?

Going back to the dream I had about getting a C in my english language. I can now reveal the true result of what I got. Are you ready?
Baring in mind that I wasn't being harsh on myself I genuinely thought I would get at least a C or a B.
I stressed about the stupid result all day and well..
It's crazy right?! Didn't see that coming did you? No, neither did I. My first A* for a GCSE, that is CRAZY!
Maybe this means I should take up journalism or something y'know. I really need to think about the A-Level Courses I want to do. I'd never given much thought to it but now, getting GCSE results back, it means that I can gain a little more confidence in myself.
Never lose the faith.
Thank, you GOD!!
<3 Rozzie

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