Saturday, 15 January 2011

Leyla's first outfit of the day!

Hey guys, so you've briefly meet Leyla in out introduction, take a look at her style! Ley's first outfit of the day. Enjoy! And subscribe to our youtube channel:
Thanks guys xoxo

Peppermints and Roses UPDATE

Hey guys, recently I teamed up with my best friend Leyla on the youtube channel I created and decided to run it together. We think that if we ever become successful it would be so good to go along the journey together with eachother. Don't you think? We love fashion, make-up, hairstuff and we love checking out other gurus make-up channels which is why we decided to upload videos ourselves. So I hope you guys enjoy our new addition. Say HELLO to Leyla C :)

To not C or to now C?

Going back to the dream I had about getting a C in my english language. I can now reveal the true result of what I got. Are you ready?
Baring in mind that I wasn't being harsh on myself I genuinely thought I would get at least a C or a B.
I stressed about the stupid result all day and well..
It's crazy right?! Didn't see that coming did you? No, neither did I. My first A* for a GCSE, that is CRAZY!
Maybe this means I should take up journalism or something y'know. I really need to think about the A-Level Courses I want to do. I'd never given much thought to it but now, getting GCSE results back, it means that I can gain a little more confidence in myself.
Never lose the faith.
Thank, you GOD!!
<3 Rozzie