Wednesday, 29 December 2010

We're not just best friends were kinda like sisters.

This is me and one of my closest friends. She's not only friends with both me and my brother but she is tight with my family and I'm tight with hers. We pretty much grew up together but we hardly see each other any more. We recently just met up at the cinema to watch The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader which is absolutely bloody AMAZING BTW! <3Prince Caspian please marry the hell out of me. Haha and we pretty much acted as if the time we hadn't seen each other didn't even exist. It was a beautiful reunion! We just hung around the shops and because I have like a serious problem with deciding what to buy I sent both of them through hell trying to decide. But it was okay! I got that top that I'm wearing in the picture for £12.99 from New Look and it is the most money I have ever single-handedly paid that much money for, EVER, But I'm absolutely in love with it so it's okay :)
We chatted about college, talked about guys. Cause I'm such a great listener, she rambled on about the people she fancied. We both rattled on about boys that used to go to my school but now go to her college. We talked about how bloody cool it would be to go to the same college and how we could be in the same "area" as each other and pretty much see so much of each  other.
Our meeting got me so psyched for college that I actually can't wait for it. It's not all about the boys but it's the WANTING to learn bit that's so awesome! I love her to peices and cannot WAIT to spend college with her.

love Rozzie xoxo

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